WEBCOR Intern Class of 2020 - Welcome!

San Francisco, May 2020

To the Webcor Intern Class of 2020:

The summer of 2020 has and will definitely not be ordinary. As we collectively tackle and resist COVID-19, it is more important now than ever to support, listen, and challenge one another to strive for a hopeful future. 

Moving forward with our 2020 Internship Program with adequate precautions taken into account has not been an easy task. We are proud of the collective efforts of our entire intern team ranging across Human Resources, IT, Safety, Core & Shell, Webcor Concrete and Executives in making the program this summer possible. 

With weekly group office hours, one on one's, volunteer days, presentations and videos, we hope you make the most out of your experience, have fun, and create lasting relationships. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. 


Your Intern Team 

Intern Team Contacts

  • Ryan Hoyt, Intern Program Manager, C&S

    • rhoyt@webcor.com​

  • Galen Dougherty, Intern Program Manager, Concrete

  • Kristin Paulazzo, Intern Ambassador, Concrete

  • Hamza Shallwani, Intern Ambassador, C&S 








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