2016 ASCE Construction Management Competition 

August 2015 - May 2016

The ASCE Construction Management Competition allows students to apply real-world management and construction skills in a friendly competitive environment.  Teams were expected to act as design-build construction firms preparing construction bids, presenting and executing the plan for a feature that will improve the student experience at the host campus. Each team was required to complete the initial design in addition to planning, constructing, and presenting their plans along with the finished product.  It is the goal of this competition to provide a hands-on experience for the next generation of construction engineers.

The UC Davis Arboretum is home to a wide array of biological life and is undergoing important upgrades that result in an increased number of visitors every year. Asphalt and decomposed granite pathways connect the lawns, recreational areas, and educational exhibits present at the Arboretum along Putah Creek. The existing asphalt and decomposed pathways are currently transitioned by edged curbs that limit the Arboretum’s exposure to strollers, wheelchairs and thus members of the community.


The 2016 Construction Competition was a design-build project focusing on the construction of concrete aprons at intersections between asphalt and decomposed granite pathways. The construction of these aprons will allow for greater accessibility at the Arboretum, prioritizing the elderly and disabled Davis community. Two sites had been selected for these improvements at the Acacia Grove in the UC Davis Arboretum. Each team, UC Davis and UC Irvine, were expected submit a Request for Qualifications, designs, construction drawings, calculations, cost estimates and list of materials. Each team was judged by professionals based on their submittals including the design, construction and presentation phase. Construction took place from April 21- April 23, 2016.


The second annual Construction Project was a huge success! UC Irvine and UC Davis both successfully executed the construction of concrete aprons, as locals passed by admiring the project during two days of rigorous work. The UC Davis Arboretum is a step closer to having all pathways accessible to everyone in the community. 


As the Vice President of ASCE and the Project Manager of the 2016 Construction Management Competition, it was necessary to manage all communication, submittals, logistics, and budget ($2814.10) for the second annual design build competition between UC Irvine, UC Davis ("Contractors") and the UC Davis Arboretum ("Client").