2015 ASCE Construction Management Competition 

August 2014 - April 2015

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE ) Construction Management Competition at UC Davis challenges students to design and create a small-scale construction project according to given plans and specifications.  Teams submit a project bid along with their construction plans, and are judged by professionals based on their project design, budget analysis and construction. Applying essential engineering concepts whilst preparing for the competition, students gain valuable real-world experience in executing engineering projects in addition to developing communication, teamwork and leadership skills. 


San Jose State University, Tongji University, University of the Pacific and University of California, Davis competed in the 2015 ASCE Construction Competition. The project required each team to complete design submittals, construction drawings, specifications, cost estimates, presentations and ultimately the construction of new bicycle racks at the UC Davis Arboretum. Located in Davis, California, the UC Davis Arboretum is over 100 acres in size and is home to numerous exhibits, plant collections, and exotic gardens. For the first time, the Construction Competition was included in the ASCE Mid-Pacific Student Conference alongside the Steel Bridge, Geowall and Concrete Canoe Competitions attended by over 10 national student chapters. The competition was immensely successful with the Davis community benefitting from the construction of four brand new bicycle racks at the UC Davis Arboretum. The UC Davis Construction Management team took first place in the competition. 


As the Founding Participant of the Construction Competition, it was necessary to work together with the rest of the team to work with a budget of $2462.67 to design, plan and execute the construction of a bicycle rack at the UC Davis Arboretum. Weekly meetings and practices were required in order for preparation months before the competition, as consistency and precision was key to winning first place in the inaugural Construction Project at the 2015 Mid-Pacific Student Conference.