Behind the Site - SFO Hotel

San Francisco International Airport, July 2019


The following episode is the first of the series called, “Behind the Site.” Behind the Site is inspired by the term, “Behind the Scenes,” as it dives into a construction site at the San Francisco International Airport (SFO), allowing viewers to gain a sense of the harmonious chaos present on the jobsite. More importantly, the series recognizes the craft and motivation of the proud tradesmen and tradeswomen that transform our vision into a reality by the sweat and hands of their labor. 

El siguiente episodio es el primero de la serie “Behind the Site”. Behind the site es inspirado por el término “Behind the Scenes,” donde se acompaña un dia de trabajo en una zona de construcción, permitiendo que el espectador perciba el senso de caos harmônico presente durante la obra. Sin embargo, lo mas importante es que la serie reconoce el artificio y motivación de los orgullosos operários que transforman nuestra visión en realidad con el constante esfuerzo en su trabajo.



The idea of creating a short documentary depicting a snapshot of reality in the lives of construction workers in the Bay Area occurred to me early this year. I had just watched a documentary called “Wildland” at the SF Indiefest, a thrilling yet deeply personal account of a firefighting crew in Northern California. What I found most fascinating was that the director and filmmaker themselves decided to become firefighters in order to be able to tell the crew’s story in the most genuine form.


Walking out of the film, I thought to myself, it’s common to hear the words “putting out fires” in the construction industry, and I possess the credentials to be on the frontlines of these fires everyday. Why not create a short film illustrating and recognizing the daring work I see everyday? Upclose. 


  • 2019 San Francisco Independent Short Film Festival  Saturday, September 14, 2019                                        
















S02E04: True Stories Part 1 

"Documentaries About Identity"



Tension on the Wire - The Silver Pages


Directed, Produced and Edited by

Hamza Ali Shallwani

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